Today is our corridor’s first party.This party has on its way for a long time. Just after the Chinese Festival of Lanterns in the February ,our “First Lady” Sandra stuck an time form in the kitchen for everyone to fill each free time. One month later, the result come out, on April 1 everybody is free. Then Sandra stuck another form for everybody to fill the dishes prepared for the party ,and whether the dishes be prepared in advanced .

Thanks to the perfect arrangement which Sandra made for our party ,our kitchen was orderly today. Tobias’ “Mexican Chili Con Corni with spices and love” and Sandra’s “Banana and Chocolate cake” were prepared yesterday. In the morning, kitchen was quiet as usual. About 2 O’clock, Kaven began to bake his corn cake, and I gave him some advise .At the same time ,I started to fry my pink salmon. My shell pastry had already been completed after last night and this morning’s hard working. At about half to four, just when kaven’s cake was in the oven and my salmon was on the stove for stewing, Haipeng was going to make his dumping.At last, Lucas’ chicken and Edward’s salad were preparing just before the party started. So ,everything was in apple-pie order.

At half past seven,everyone is home. So we began to arrange our party. When the table was spreading ,the candle which Sandra took out were lighting, delicious dishes were on the table, Chairman(Tobias)made a speech to announce the beginning of the Party.

First, we finished Haipeng’s dumpling soup for they were already in everyone’s bowls for a long time .The soup was boiling with cucumber so it tasted very fresh and delicious. The second one is Edward’s appetite– salad which were mixed with tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella. Edward showed us how to eat it. He besprinkled some salt and black pepper on the salad, and then added some olive oil and vinegar .No bad, we learn a new way to eat the tomato. I think it is a traditional Italian cooking style. Following appetite, of course, the main course .They are Tobias Mexican sauce and Lucas’ chicken and our salmon with rice. When they were almost finished , we still had desert—-sandra’s banana cake, kaven’s corn cake and our shell pastry. Nice night with songs and our Chinese rice wine.

After the party ,we had an additional adventure—-to visit everyone’s room without doing out in advance. It was very funny too. At the end of the adventure, we stayed in Tobias’ room and watched the movie which he acted with his friend .My god, the movie let us nearly die with laughing.

So ,after all of this ,we began our suffering .





今天是我们corridor的第一次party,此次活动已经酝酿许久了。自从上次元宵节后,俺们的“第一夫人”Sandra 就贴了个时间列表出来,让大家填上空闲时间。确定了4月1日party后,又贴了个表格让大家填准备的菜和是否事先准备。






大脚给我们演示要这样吃:把西红柿(据熊同学报道,大脚把西红柿里头的囊全部去掉了)和奶酪和罗勒叶放在盘里。 然后洒上盐、黑胡椒,浇上橄榄油和黑醋(老外的葡萄醋)。




这个也是大脚准备的,从冰箱里拿出来,扒扒壳沾蛋黄酱mayounaise就吃啦。不过老外这卖的虾都是煮熟了再拿出冰冻的。 其实这样也挺好吃的,我们以前都傻乎乎的,拿出来煮半天,经常都煮老了。









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  1. 真好看,一定也很好吃!