This noon,I receive my tofel score—557.Bingo,it’s just enough for me to apply for the master’s programmes in Uppsala University.It’s not a high score,but it still make me so exciting.As a man sows,so he shall reap.After all,it’s a answer to  my  two months’ hard woking,and to tubear’s great support.

Even after many many years,I think I should remember the scene that tubear came home with a duck feather quilt and a sheet and food for a whole week on the last Sunday before my  Tofel test.It is hard to believe that he could carry so much staff on a bicycle and go through half part of Uppsala in the freeze  winter day. I also should remember in the dark early  winter morning ,how we two went to Stockholm by train .Of course,I should remember how I  walked out of the classroom after the test and run so happily towards tubear who were waiting for me .That day, the sky was so blue and the air was so fresh and feeling was so easy.My heart relaxed completely at that time.

Indeed, I am a lucky dog in this dog year.And, I am a lucky dog to be with tubear.

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  1. tubear…..我觉得他现在应该是你的BF了吧^^